Saturday, February 07, 2009

I never thought I'd hear HER say THAT!!!!

A few of us went to McDonalds after service last night and then went to Cheryl's house to watch a movie. We rented the movie from Blockbuster and I heard Rush say something on her way in that I never, ever thought I would hear her say, EVER!

As she walked in with two of her friends I heard her say, "The last time I was in here I had a mustache." She said it so calmly - like there was nothing strange about that.

Now let me explain this whole thing to you. Last Sunday Rush and Goofda had a little bit of fun at church; they were planning on attending sports right after but got distracted first on their way and Rush went into Blockbuster to rent a movie looking like this...

This is what she lloked like leaving church.

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