Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Getting better.

We have family devotions and a time of prayer every morning before we leave our separate directions for the day; it has become an important part of our day and one that the kids look forward to as well.

We have gone through spurts of the kids, especially and moreso the younger two, not really praying anything other than their typical same words everyday prayers but lately, we have noticed it has really been stepped up and has had some powerful wording in it for small children; they are really starting to open up and realize what is being taught at our church (there is no Junior Holy Spirit! 'You is or you isn't,' as my Newfie friends would say.)

Excerpts from this morning's prayer from the kids:

-"Help us, God to listen to what You are telling us."
-"We need more of You, God; send fire!"

-"Give us the mind of Christ."
-"Teach us to be more like You!"

-"Thank you that You are drawing us closer to You and that through that we are getting closer as a family, that we are becoming stronger as a family!"

I had to leave part way through Rush praying for a moment and so I did miss most of what she said however there is just so much more life and passion in the way my children pray now. As a parent it is very reassuring to know that they are aware of the realness.

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