Sunday, July 30, 2006

How rude...

This weekend seems to have arrived and left without me being notified; I really think it passed by me without so much as a 'hello'. Yesterday afternoon the kids and I went over to my dad's for a visit and had a nice time with Pa, Grandma and UncleS (who by the way was in a lot of pain due to another cowboy related wreck...oh, my nerves...) and then it was time to get home to make supper. Too hot to cook inside and BigB was at a demolition derby towing the demolished cars off the field. What were we going to do since he is the official bar-be-quer? I gave in to my bar-b-que'ing virginity (since the only thing I have really cooked on the bar-b-que before was hotdogs) and made steakettes (big step up heh?) and veggie packets. Turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I only was blinded a few dozen times do to smoke flare ups.

Today BigB and I drove around town looking for the last store to sell advanced wrist bands for the Ex as we are taking the kids on Saturday. The 2 youngest can make due with us just buying tickets for but it is for Rush's birthday and we wanted her to be able to go on whatever she wanted; plus, I am sure, the kids will want her to go on a few rides with them that she wouldn't normally want to use her tickets on.

Jellybean had her friend, Tamika, over for the afternoon and the 2 of them played in the paddling pool, had water fights and ate popsicles. I walked them home and on the way back we stopped to say goodbye to a couple who attends the church we once did and he kindly gave us a hose reel for the waterhose (which we have been wanting to get but haven't had the funds to spend for one yet. Nice blessing) and Jellybean got herself a nice teddybear from them which she promptly named...yes...Strawberry Shortcake. I suggested a few other names and she finally chose Molly but her nickname will be Strawberry Shortcake. Oy!

I just sat down at my computer after blanching some asparagus to put in our freezer as well as some dill and cilantro. May I say that the weekend is pretty much done and it never even let me know it showed up.

Next weekend will pretty much be the same thing. I work a lot this week: Mon-Thur is 8-4:30 (and Ithink we will most likely take the kids to the parade tomorrow night), Fri I woek a 12 hour night so 7-7; I will then come home and sleep for a couple of hours and then take the kids to the Ex Saturday afternoon. Sunday I work a 9 hour day and then I work a 12 hour day on Monday. After that, aside from being burnt out, I think I might have a couple days off to hopefully recouperate and reintroduce myself to my family. I will also be spending the week mourning the loss of Rush's childhood as she officially becomes a teenager on Thursday.

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