Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Saturday, Saturday where are you Saturday

Is this week taking forever or what? I mean the days are passing so quickly; I start work and it's soon time for my break, then lunch and then my second coffee. So, the days are passing quickly but this week seems to sauntering along. Perhaps it is because there is so much excitement in the house and too much waiting for the end of the week.

Rush turns 13 tomorrow and she has been waiting for this day for over a year. Why? Tomorrow is the day she gets to wear makeup on a regular basis other than just dance recital and that is a huge stepping stone for her.

We are going to the fair on Saturday to celebrate her birthday. Saturday is my only day off. So the children are waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Me too...I am tired...a day off would be great. I only have 52 hours of work left this week. 16 down and 52 to go. Just typing that makes me tired.

I didn't sleep well last night. My step-dad's uncle passed away and his funeral is today; his cousin died from cancer and her funeral is Friday. My granny, who has been holding her own in the hospital for the last while, has taken an extreme turn for the worst. She is 70 pounds and can only eat pudding and yogurt and stuff. More waiting...I don't think it will be long now...I love you, Granny.


Paula Joy said...

Sorry to hear about Granny. Dion's grandma just passed away a week and a half ago. Losing loved ones is tough. Make the most of every opportunity you have with her.
I hope your week goes well and you are not too tired. I pray for you God's strength.

Love Mom said...

Sorry to hear about Dion's granny. It is hard.