Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sure sign

Sure sign your 5 year old has watched too many Visine commercials:

"Do you have something for eyes? 'Cause mine eyes is dried out."

Sure sign your 3 year old could make a darn good living as a politician:

After drinking all of his juice he poured his sister's into his cup while she was out of the room. Upon her return she began drinking her juice again and her brother freaked out that that was his.

Me: That's Jellybean's juice, Bug.

Bug: But my cup.

Me: But it's Jellybean's juice.

Bug: yeah, but it my cup...

Sure sign your almost-teenager is getting extremely close to being a teenager:

You ask her to wash, dry and put laundry away and you find all the laundry (from youngest kid's to pre-teen's clothes, towels, dish clothes etc) in Jellybean's dresser drawers and when you ask why most of Jellybean's clothes aren't put away, her reply is "She has too many clothes and they won't all fit, maybe you need to give some away." Say what!!!

Sure sign you have been a parent of for way too long:

You think this is all incredibly funny however, you can't wait until pre-teen gets home from her grandpa's house so you can string her up by her toenails and pummel her with an organic carrot.

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Heidi said...

Nice to meet you and thank you for your comment! wow 7 children - good for you! It must be a house full of love there, what a joy! and happy 3rd birthday to your little Bug! They DO grow up so quickly don't they?