Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What a day.

No, seriously. What a day. This morning the kids and I got ready and headed over to Dixie's house shortly after 9. I had all ready been asked about 12 times when we were going. So, the kids all had a blast playing in the wading pool and slide, garden hose, sandbox and attempting to be naked. Dixie and I baked a pie. Well, Dixie baked it; all I did was slice a couple of pears. It was quite good; she and I had that for a snack. Yummy! Jellybean, Bug and I headed home for lunch, ate a quick bite and headed out to run a couple of errands.

While I was at Dixie's we were looking at her flower beds and I got it in my head that I was going to get rid of the delphiniums that are taking over my flowerbeds and sidewalk. They are more of an eye-sore than anything. While Bug was napping Jellybean and I pulled flowers, weeds and did some transplanting and rearranging in the flowerbeds. It is 6 now and I just walked in the door. Feeling a good about the day I had as well as a tad bit crispy. I noticed my shoulders when I went to wash my hands for making supper...I look and feel a tad bit lobsterish but just on my back and shoulders. Ah, it was a good day though.

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tanby said...

sounds like a good day off. glad you enjoyed it