Thursday, July 06, 2006


How do you say thank you to someone who met you as a half grown kid and opened her arms to welcome you into her family no questions asked and accepted you as her grandchild with no hesitation? How do you say thank you to that same woman who not only accepted you and your children but your step-children as well and who loved them all to pieces?

How do you not cry and how does your heart not break as you hear her say those words...that she is ready to die? How do you not cry when she whispers that she loves you as you are leaning in to give her what is probably the last hug you ever will? How do you not find her the epitimy of beauty and grace as she lies in that bed and with more peace than you can fathom tells you that she has had a full and good life and that you don't need to cry for her?

How do you not admire her strength when she tells you that despite her illness she is feeling no pain and despite all the morphine she is sharp as a tack...her memory never failing?

How do you keep your composure as she tells you not to cry for her? How do you keep from telling her that you are not only crying for her but crying for you because you are about to lose someone so special?

How do you say goodbye as you walk out the door when you want to say see you soon?

GG, we love you! You are a terrific woman, an incredible role model, a spectacular grandma and great-grandma. I am not going to say goodbye to you; I will only say, "see you later".


Dixie said...

Beautiful bittersweet sadness.

Randall Friesen said...

Tonight, for you and yours, and for her and hers, I pray peace.