Saturday, August 05, 2006

The one reason I hate working nights

I worked a 13 hour night last night. It was all right; I hung on. I hit a wall at 4 am because there was a lull in paperwork to do and a lull in the phones and a lull, thankfully, in patients coming to the E.R. I got home a few minutes after 7, had a bowl of cereal and crawled, happily, into bed. We had plans to go to the Ex today with the kids so I asked BigB to wake me up after Bug was done his nap.

We went to the Ex and had a lot of fun. Rush experienced some thrilling rides and enjoyed the new found adreneline rush. We all enjoyed the fair food: cotton candy, caramel apples, fudge and spudnuts however, none of us enjoyed them as much as Bug did (there will be pictures to prove this). To end the evening, we went to the store and picked up some pizzas, chips, dip and pop (boy did we eat healthy today) and had a picnic in our living room.

I started to tucker out at 7 pm and slowly found myself on the verge of sleep as we were watching a movie with the kids. At 9 I finally drug my butt to bed so I could just sleep instead of fighting to stay awake with the family and this is where we reach the part I hate about working nights.

My head hit the pillow and, all of a sudden, bang, I was wide friggin' awake and there has been no way I could make myself fall asleep. So, here I sit trying to find the sleepy zone again. I have shredded some zucchini for my freezer, read everyone's blogs and am on the verge of banging my head against the wall in any attempt to put myself to sleep. I work another 12 tomorrow but this time it is a day shift! I need to be up at 6 or so! I want to sleep!!!!!

Enough whining and snivelling though, perhaps I will try again: head back to my bed, get a cold cloth for my head, turn the music down even more and hit myself with a hammer until I lull myself, finally, into a peaceful sleep. Goodnight y'all!

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tanby said...

a hammer hey??? lol