Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hi, Remember Me?

It's been a while since I have been on here. It's been a busy time for me. We went to my granny's funeral on Friday and said our goodbye's, on Saturday we went to the lake with some good friends (sans the kids) for some well deserved rest, relaxation and oodles of marshmallows, got back on Monday and my computer had died. Poof! Gone...just like that. So I have been suffering from withdrawls.

There have been tensions in the house as well for a couple of days but, I don't feel the need to get into that right now. This blog is not the place for it. Please just remember to keep us in your prayers.

But here is a picture of "relaxation". It was so great to get away with our friends, enjoying just sitting quietly, dozing on the warm sand at the beach and frolicking in the waves. I can't wait until we make our next trip, wherever and whenever that is.

P.S. We were also pleasantly surprised to come home to Bug being pretty much potty trained. He will have, at most, one accident a day and he is usually trying to get to the potty when that happens. He even goes poop by himself. Do you hear the choir of heavenly angels singing? Ah, sweet, sweet music. Sweet, sweet glory!


Melanie said...

Yay potty-training! And, you have my prayers. :)

tanby said...

yeah aren, good job...glad you had a chance to relax a bit ang.
BTW how was the first day of school?