Sunday, September 03, 2006

First Day Report

I know; I know. The first day of school was last week however, I work in Health Records and reports can sometimes take days, if not weeks, to show up. So, I am not doing THAT bad am I?

The girls were counting down the sleeps until school started from about August 1 on and so the anticipated day arrived and they were tingling with excitment. What teachers would they get? Who would be in their class? When they came home from school they were both excited to report that their teachers are super nice and most of their friends are in their classes. Jellybean only had one friend move away and she was devestated as it was a pretty good friend. (I, on the other hand, am kind of relieved-I know, I am terrible-but this girl called our house countless times a day.)

By about 6:17 the night of the first day, Jellybean asked me, "Mama, would it be ok if I went to bed now?". I begged her for just a little while longer because I didn't feel the desire to be getting up with her at 4:30 the next morning. She made it to bed time...barely.

Both girls are so enjoying the school year so far. Rush is a "senior" in her school and is feeling all role modely. She has really grown over the summer and turned into quite a gorgeous young lady. (first day pictures when I wake up) Jellybean is absorbing everything her teacher says and is looking forward to us going to the "Meet the Teachers" BBQ next week. By the end of next week I should know what kind of "taxi mom" chaos I can look forward to this school year but for now, I guess, I will just have to tingle with anticipation. Or is that fear....?


tanby said...

that is great. i'm glad everyone enjoyed the first day. bryce starts on wednesday and is so excited. we just have to go but stuff to put in his lunch box and another pair of shoes and we are all ready.
hope all is good with you all. keep us posted

tanby said...

i put up a new post but it isnt showing...go to archives august 2006 and aunty jan got married