Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well, we made it to Grand Forks, ND and have just settled our 7 bodies into 2 adjoining double rooms. The boys get one and the girls get the other. Bug is really enjoying running back and forth between the 2 rooms and the girls are laying in bed watching some tv show. BigB & I are on one bed looking like a couple of nerds because we are both utilizing our laptops.

The kids have been great on the trip. There has been no crying, whining or pouting and no irritating us with 20 questions. We stopped for supper in Devil's Lake and ate at a place called Cedar Inn. It was pretty good however, in the parking lot Bug was letting off a bit of steam and going for a run when he fell down and got a pretty deep gash in his knee.

I haven't taken many pictures yet and for those of you who know me personally I am asking you to pick yourselves up off the floor. So I have nothing to put on here. P.B however, J's boyfriend, has taken pictures of every McDonalds that we have passed on our journey so far and plans to continue.

Right now it is 48 degrees but I have no idea right now what that converts to in Celsius. It has been cold and rainy for most of the trip so far so I am looking forward to a brighter and warmer tomorrow.

For now...ciao and I will continue to update and keep you all posted as I can. Perhaps I swill even put up some pictures for you.

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Paula Joy said...

Sounds like fun!!! Keep us updated! (I can't believe you haven't taken many pics. My goodness, you must be slipping!!!)