Saturday, April 29, 2006

We're Off... see the wizard...
Well, we are on our way to Kansas City on Tuesday so maybe it would be more appropriate to click my ruby red shoes together and say, "There's no place like home"...even though it isn't my home...You know what I am getting at.

Stop thinking I have lost my mind it has been a long day! I was working in Housekeeping today in one of the pods of the nursing home. Last night one of the psych people (from the hospital) broke 2 windows and climbed through one and escaped from his ward. He ran outside and smashed a window to the nursing home and climbed through. Apparently, after climbing through the window and ripping even more flesh from his body, he came to an abrupt stop and said something to the effect of "I am looking for the gates of Hell!" Freaky! A few hours worth of stitching up and he is back to being locked up in an observation room of the psych ward. I was cleaning that pod of the nursing home today. What a mess!!! Naturally the residents were very upset by this and were a little nervous. It was not the kind of excitement I was expecting when I went to work this morning.

Anyway, on with us going to Kansas. We are leaving on Tuesday and I am so excited!!! The flower girl dress is FINALLY finished with alterations and it fits perfectly. She looks like an absolute princess. I can't wait to see the bride.

I'll keep you all posted as I can. Oh, I'll say hello to Dorothy and Toto for you too.

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Melanie said...

Enjoy your trip Dorothy! :)