Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kids' Fun Center in Independence Mall

Here's a couple of shots of the two youngest playing in the kids' area. These flowers were made out of a soft spongey material. Along with the flowers there was also a watermelon slice (shown), an ice cream sandwich and a spilled fountain drink with ice cubes to bounce on. They had several "mall rides" like Bob the Builder, Clifford, trains, helicopters, etc but the really cool part was a Venetian Carousel. It was absolutely gorgeous; unfortunately, it was out of order while we were there.


Melanie said...

How cool are those squishy flowers!!! And those equally squishy kids!!! How do you not bite them every five minutes? :)

Love Mom said...

If you can keep a secret...I can't resist!!!! I admit, when they are well behaved, I am weak and must bite those cute and squishy kids.

Thanks...though for the compliment about my kids.

- aurora - said...

The flowers look delicious! :D
And your kids are so cute...

(pictures below) -- Is that your oldest son who's getting married? How old are they? Congratulations for their wedding.

And I love the "Brotherly Love" pic. So sweet..

- aurora -

- aurora - said...

hi Ang, thanks for your replies. So he's your step son.. Cause I was wondering how old were you when he was born ;).