Friday, May 26, 2006

Taking a moment to boast...

Okay, I am needing to take a moment here and brag about 2 of my kids' accomplishments.

Yesterday, LilJ had a Cosmotology competition for the entire province and she came home with a silver medal in the make-up category. WooHoo!!! Go LilJ!!!

Today Rush had a track meet and got 4th place in the 60 meter race! Woop there it is! Woop there it is!!! She is trying to act like it is not a big deal but when she talked to her dad today she was pretty excited. (Dad being BigB) She told us there were 8 people competing in that category and since this was her first year in track and she missed most of the practices because we were gone to Missouri...I think she did really well. The cool, level headed (about this anyway) almost teenager is jumping for joy inside and perhaps squealing like a little girl but has to maintain a certain level of maturity in order to keep her "kewl".

So, Yay for two of my girls!!!! Congratulations to you both. You both worked very hard and we are proud of you.


tanby said...

that is so cool, they all seem to be excelling in many areas of life. good for them and good for you as well.

Melanie said...

Woot! Three cheers for your girls!!!

Hip hip! Hooray!!! :)