Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So Freakin' Hilarious

Jellybean has a new best friend and she is a card; her sense of humor is second to none, especially as far as 5 year olds go.

Ally, the friend, went home to her mom and dad (a side note you all should know first, she lives in Kansas City) and told them ALL about her new best friend. There's only one problem with Ally's new best friend Jellybean, she doesn't speak English...

...she speaks Canadian...
Too funny. This same girl nicknamed LilB CanadianBacon.

P.S. Please bear with my typing while we are gone and this is being done on alwptop, the "c" key is not working. In fact, it took 3 times hitting that key in order for it to actually show up.

P.S.S. We are on our way home and I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Grand Forks, ND as we have reahed our half way point and are here to rest. Didn't want to leave but since we had to, I am looking forward to the cramped in van feeling to be done with.

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