Monday, August 17, 2009

So...? This is what it's like living with boys...

Jellybean & Bug came running out of the bathroom, toothbrushes in hand, laughing like hyenas. Through squeals of delight Jellybean finally managed to squeak out that Bug had just drank from the toilet.

As BigB tried to explain to him how disgusting and unsafe that is, he told Bug that some people have even died from the germs found in toilets.

Bugs response?

In 20 days? They die if they do it for 20 days?

After reassuring Bug that he didn't mean he would die. Bug sprinted back off to the bathroom, where we encouraged him to brush his teeth AND use listerine!

So, can anyone seriously tell me why burping, farting, and, now, drinking toilet water (oh and let's not forget licking toilets) are so incredibly funny?

Earlier tonight, one of the family members passed gas and Bug says "If there were a trophy for worst farts, you would get it! You have the worst farts in the universe!". He then proceded to laugh to the point where we thought he may actually pee his pants.

Boys! What a strange species...


Missy said...

oh my...I am SOOOO thankful Samantha is what SHE is...and to think I wanted another boy!! At what age does this hilarity start?? lol

Love Mom said...

Missy, with Bug it has been pretty much since he began talking. Do you think it's genetics? Should I blame is father or my brother? {Grin}

Misty Rice said...

How can you not look for her to bring her home? 16 isn't an adult, that is still a minor. Can you do something after 24 hours or something like that?

I am sorry to hear this and I will surely pray that she is well and that she on her own chooses to come back home, but if not I pray that you do find her and have peace to know she is okay and can show her the she is loved no matter what.

Keep in mind you are still the parent no matter what.