Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You're my Superman

Someone thinks her daddy is very, very special. Someone thinks her daddy is just like Superman.

Someone drew this very lovely picture for her daddy.

Our children should look to us as their role models. Why should we leave it to the teenybopper star of the week or the super hero of the year to be our children's role models? Have you not glanced at the covers of those rag mags while you are standing in line at the grocery store? Do you really want your children looking up to them?

Give your child a godly influence to model themselves after. Make your life a life they should and will want to be like. Show them, with your example, what and who we are to be like by being a living breathing example of Jesus to them. Don't leave it up to the flavour of the week to influence your sons and daughters...it will only leave them heartbroken, discouraged, doubleminded and exasperated...

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