Thursday, August 13, 2009

'It' has finally happened!

What 'it'? You mean you don't know? Seriously? You have no idea what I am talking about? Oh. Ok. Sit down, grab a coffee or a Dole tangerine sparkler, put your feet up and I will enlighten you.

For the last year or so I have really been struggling with this whole 'getting up, working all day, sending my kids to a sitter, relying on Rush to make supper' existance that I have been living.

Some of you will know (Facebook) but others still have no idea so, let me share my fabulous news with y'all!

BigB has, just today, signed the paperwork for a new job that is in town and a bit more than he was making before! (Can I get a hallah in da house?!) This means that I can change my hours here at work OR, if that isn't feesible, get a different job where I am only working mornings! No more sitters (except for maybe an hour during lunch)! I get to be home when my kids come home from school; in fact, I get to pick them up from school! I can have suppers made and snacks and clean my house and all those things that have been taunting me with my working full-time and having the schedule we do!

I am so excited by the possibilites BigB has with this new job, that I will have as a result of his new job and of the things that we can give to our children because of this new job! Thank you, God! You get ALL the credit on this; Your hand is through it all!

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Missy said...

Oh how awesome is that!!!! Enjoy it!!!