Sunday, November 09, 2008

You mean that's it?

Our 10-day conference has come to an end; that's it. It is over but man, it was fantastic!!! Due to delays at the border or some such other glitch months ago, our new building wasn't finished (ok, it didn't even have walls or a roof or okay, it's just a frame!) so we have been having our church services in a tent. Cool enough. (That wasn't slang talk! It has been cool enough...even down right nippy some nights.)

We had Day 1 and Day 2 in the tent; Day 3 and 4 were at Faith Alive to listen to Pastor Steve Gray. Day 5 was to be at our church in our tent; Val was even prepared to go out and buy our 3 Kansas City friends hats and long johns but that Sunday before the fire marshall told us we had to take the tent down due to fire regulations. Fair enough; we did it that day but where were we going to have our services? We found a solution albeit an unfavorable one it was better than no solution. The day we were to have our service in the "new" facility the pastor of our sister church offered their church to us. It is a beautiful building equipped nicely to service every need of the conference!

Just think 2 churches working together to put one church's conference on!!! I don't think I could imagine anything like that before. Oh! There is another piece to the puzzle; not only did we have the 2 churches working together, we had a third church (Faith Alive) join us in our endeavour. Three churches working in unity together, becoming one family! It was absolutely inspiring especially the services we had with all three church families together.

So, the conference is over and that means life as usual now but, not entirely. We learned a lot and came away with a lot that we will all carry with us. Perhaps though we can climb that laundry mountain that wormed its way into the houses of everyone of our church families' homes! :P It also means our schedules will be somewhat less hectic but not this week (it's our week for classes) and probably not until we have that building up and ready to inhabit...

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