Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Smiling and working. Working and smiling...

Life has been good mainly because God has been and is good! We have all had our share of the cold that has been making its rounds. It has imbedded itself a little more deeply into some than others. Me, for instance.

Yesterday I got the chills; I got them so badly it felt like I was never going to warm up, like my bones were frozen solid. BigB was here to pick me up when I finished work; we got some gas and went to Chicken Chef for supper (all the kids were out). Immediately after we rushed home to get changed so we could go to the church to get some more work done there. I was in my warmest clothes complete with toque that I refused to take off. Due to picking up the kids from the sliding/play date I left the church at about 8, got home, got the kids to bed and put myself to bed, hoping to finally warm up. I must have during the night as I woke up this morning feeling a lot better.

Tonight is more of the same: rush home to gulp down supper, get changed into my paint clothes and head to the church. I have no idea if I am painting tonight or not but whatever it is, it will be fun! We always have fun there. Our church family is such a great group of people! I can honestly say that I have never attended a church where the people pull together so much and are so happy to do whatever is required with such a positive attitude as I have seen at WRC! It is such a joy to know that this is the kind of environment we are raising our children in!!!

Off to paint or mud or sand or...who cares!? I am off to have some fun!

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