Friday, November 07, 2008

To the Teachers at WJB!!!

Dear WJB Staff:

We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are at the experience our family has had at WJB. There is a great bunch of teachers there & we love & appreciate you all dearly! Thanks you to the teachers who had a direct influence on our children by being in their classes & thank you to the rest of the staff (not just the teachers)! You have all truly touched the hearts of our children and, therefore, our hearts.

We are excited for our new adventure but don't think it is without a sadness. We truly will miss you all!

At this time I would especially like to thank any teacher who has spent time teaching Jellybean (H-J). She had a rough start to her schooling with her verbal apraxia and was prognosed to not even make it through Kindergarten the first time around. That never happened! Nor did it the next year nor the next! You, her teachers, encouraged her, motivated her & never gave up on her! You brought out & pulled out so many positive attributes in her & never gave up on her therefore, she never gave up on herself!

Thank you WJB staff! We take this time to stand up & applaud you! You have really impacted our family! We love you very much and will miss you all!

With much love from all of us!

This is the letter I wrote to the school today on our children's last day at WJB. Monday they start at the christian school. They are very excited for this journey to begin but, we are all, as I said in my letter, sad at the great teachers we are leaving behind. We leave the school not because we feel the teachers are doing a bad job but because we want our children's education to be based on the word of God.

Proverbs 22:6 says "Train up a child in the way he must go and when he is old he shall not depart from it.". This doesn't just speak to parents but to teachers & pastors and that is why we believe a christian education is an important gift to give our children, that their teachers can train them in the way they must go according to God's word. We want to protect our children's innocence and purity and unfortunately the education system does not always strive for that. Teaching my children safe sex instead of God's word regarding sex gives them a double message when they hear the opposite at home & church as they do at school.

That being said, we were very fortunate to have a school that did not disallow our children from praying for their friends or for their teachers at school, that did not disallow our daughter from talking about God in all her journal entries and school assignments; they did, in fact, encourage her and for that, we are truly and eternally thankful.

We will never forget the love that the staff at WJB have for our children nor will we forget how much they put into our children! I tip my hat to you all. You are loved. You are appreciated. You will be missed.

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