Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thoughts on death.

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the death of BigB's little brother.

Jellybean turns 8 years old in little under two weeks.

I wonder how pretty well the same course of time can seem like forever AND just like yesterday at the same time. It seems like we have had Jellybean in our lives forever; I can't imagine what it was like without her but similarily, it seems just like yesterday that I was startled awake by that phone call in the middle of the night telling us about the accident that took Perry.

Does the death of someone actually get easier or do you just develop better coping skills as the years go on?

Does it become less painful or different painful for parents who have had a child taken from them?

Personally, it becomes different painful...

How can Jellybean, who never met her uncle, miss him and love him so very much that her heart breaks when she thinks of him? I have held her as she sobbed from the very depths of her heart for the uncle she has never met and yet, has always loved.

What words do you say to the father who is greiving so, 9 years later, still thinking and angry at God for taking his son away from him?

What thoughts are going through his friend's head right now, remembering where he was 9 years ago? Does he still condemn himself thinking he could have done more?

How does one get through the days leading up to and past this one...? Simply: One day at a time, one hour at a time.

Mom & Dad: We love you so very much and though we have our own grief, can not fathom yours. We are praying for you that peace may find you in your sleep and in your waking hours and that the burden is just that much lighter...

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