Friday, November 14, 2008

I asked...I will NOT grovel!

I spoke with a friend of mine the other day who told me about trouble she is now having with a friend because someone who was not a part of the problem decided that he was intervening. What a hero! He took something that was just a miscommunication and a misunderstanding, added his two (uninformed) cents and has now put a tremendous wedge between two people.

This same person has taken it upon himself to do the same thing to me in the same week. I have come to terms with the fact that I said something that was misconstrued and misread and I have attempted to apologize and attempted to ask forgiveness but due to other people's (and it sounds like more than one) interferring and adding their two-cents and their interpretations I find myself at a place where I just wash my hands of the entire thing. I did what I could; I value this person but I will not beg for her forgiveness nor beg for her relationship.

She says she is not perfect (which she is not) but expects me to be (as is evident in the fact that she can't get over the fact that I said something which may not have been 100% appropriate. I am not perfect either). I also know that there will probably be a backlash over the fact that I am typing my thoughts here but it is MY blog and they are my thoughts...and I have never mentioned anyone's name so there has been no harm or foul.

I love this person and apologize if what I said cut her; I do think that she took it the wrong way but that is between her & God. Just for the record though...the Gospel does offend. Jesus offended lots of people, especially those who were stuck in religion (Pharisees). I will not apologize for speaking the Word of God but I do apologize for the fact that people think it was done maliciously. I have never done anything with malicious intent and that will never change! I will also apologize for my approach because it may not have been the best way (we can always use work on our approach-all of us!). Now the rest is up to the other individual if she so choses to hold onto unforgiveness that is something she must contend with. My conscience is free and clear.

I just want her to know that I value her as a person.

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