Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh, what a night II

Yes, if you can imagine, there IS a sequel to the first and it is within a week even of the first.

Yesterday seemed to be your average, run-of-the-mill day: I took the car to the garage, got a ride to work with BigB, kissed my 2 youngest kids goodbye on their first day of school (turns out yesterday was just registration for Bug and he doesn't go until Fri...broke his little heart), went to work, put in my 8 hours, came home, made and ate supper. Sounds pretty average right?

After supper Rush went to her room to put some clothes away and tidy her room a bit; she was up on her bunkbed, went to slide down and was scared by Jewel. Somehow with all the variables involved she hit her head so hard that she lost consciousness for several minutes (piecing things together and adding times together); she came upstairs crying and told us what happened minus the blacking out part. BigB and I were just on our way to go to Shanigans for a "date" but had to go and do a tow first. The tow was complete and my cell rang, "Mom is it normal for me to feel really dizzy and nauseaus?" Those words changed our plans in a second and we were on our way home to take a peak at her.

My first instinct was to dial the Nurses Hotline but anytime we call them, they just tell us to go to emergency anyway so I hung up the phone in mid-hold. We called a friend of Rush's to watch Jellybean and Bug and took Rush to the walk-in clinic, got the usual signs to watch for blah, blah, blah and thought everything was fine.

Then she started slurring her words...and then she blacked out we went to Emerg where we stayed until 3:30 this morning when Dr Ribeiro finally said to BigB and I, "Go home for a rest now while this other medicine we gave her proves itself to work or not.". He then looked at me (as we know each other through work) and said, "There will be a sick note in 'Rush's' chart for you in the morning; you are not going to work today."

We got home and had a pee accident to deal with so it was about 4:00 before our heads hit the pillows. At 7:00 we got a call saying that Rush could go home and that Dr. R wants to talk to us. Off we went, back to Emerg. Had our talk, was given my note, got our girl home safe and sound and went to bed. I haven't really been sleeping for long periods of time as the phone is either ringing or I am getting up to check on how Rush is doing.

The day does seem like it will be a long one (there is worship practice tonight. We didn't make the last 6 AM prayer for our 120 days of prayer) but at least I didn't have to go find chart numbers from old hospital papers, put them in number order and then number order them into a bigger pile...that would be WAY to much concentrating for me right now...(I almost couldn't remember how to spell 'concentrate'! LOL!)

So here I am at 11:46 A.M., not quite bright-eyed or bushy tailed but definitely thankful for God and His provision and His taking care of our daughter and thankful that we live in a country where we could just go to Emerg and get things straightened out. Oh yeah, and I am a little bit wishful that I had had a video camera last night so you all could see just how funny Rush is after she has been hopped up on Gravol and been given two T-3's...she was FUNNY!!!

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Dixie said...

Wow, that's crazy Ang. And I saw she was my cashier at Superstore just yesterday morning!!

I hope guys can all get caught up on some of that rest you lost last night.

And the cheesecake date too, of course. :)