Saturday, August 16, 2008

It has been a summer of changes, of growing, of stretching and of revamping. Our church is changing; we are getting tonnes of new people moving here to attend our church and to, in the fall, attend our A.C.E school for kids and WRC Bible College that we are currently building. It has been a summer of services in the foyer as our old sanctuary has now become the home of the new schools.

Rush has gone from earning her living babysitting for us every so often and full time in the summer to working at a "real job" where she gets a "real pay check" and therefore need to get her S.I.N. She's even wearing a uniform...but doing a fantastic job (which is no change!).

BigB can no longer answer his phone "Hi Sam; Bill here". He has resigned from his job with ISM (the reason for the Hi Sam...funny story check out the link) due to well a lot of reasons that have been a year in the making. Regardless of why, he is no longer with ISM. Which means I no longer get to eat lunch with the cute boy down the hall. I am now married to the cutest tow truck driver in the city...perhaps even world! He is happy; he enjoys the people he meets and since he is a storm chaser...winter is going to be SO much fun for him!

I am getting a 3 month break from the workplace situation I have been involved in. I am still in the same job however I am now at a different location for the time being.

We are getting used to the fact that we no longer have the van. Can someone say 'huge change!'? We just have the old car now and it is going to take time to getting used to stalling at each red light I come to and need to strategicly place the groceries in the backseat. It is a good change though because our van was costing us way too much money and we are turning over a new leaf and not wanting to live so carelessly with our money!

So...time to face the change. It will just keep coming!

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Joanne said...

I am glad to have the chance to see you more often. What happened with your van?

We will have to plan out a lunch day!

Take care,