Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How romantic is that?

Do you know what would be the perfect gift for my husband to get me right now, and since it is almost Valentine's Day...?

A maid.

Is that the most romantic thing you've heard or what? Seriously though nothing says romance like "let me find someone else to clean the house for you" or how about "you and I just sit here and watch them clean?"

We have been busy the last while and I know everyone says they are busy but I was trying to get our calendars all straightened out the other day and I thought, "Wow! We truly are a very active family."

BigB and I both work full time Mon through Fri. I work at BPs Tues and Thurs nights; he goes to school Tues through Fri nights. Rush delivers papers every day except Sun and has dance Wed evenings. We have Church services Wed. and Fri. nights and Sun. days. Worship practice is in there too as well as some of the ladies like to get together Mondays for coffee. Jellybean & Bug have Reading with the Raiders one Tues a month after school (I think that is done now though). Whew, I should have been a juggler...grin!

I haven't even gotten to the point where I even know where to fit laundry in or floor scrubbing so therefore, I think a maid would be the perfect gift especially for Valentine's Day. Roses wither and die and are just one more thing to throw out (keep in mind they are nice once in a while). Get me a maid, a massage gift certificate or a frozen homemade casserole to throw in my freezer for days we just can't muster the time to make anything from scratch. Now that is romantic!

Before I actually post this, I must clarify one thing, I am by no means complaining about our schedules. We are all very happy doing what we do. I am just wondering if, perhaps, God would reconsider this 7 days in a week thing and maybe make it 8 or if He could give us a 30 hour clock instead of a 24 hour clock. That would be cool.


Louise said...

And if God would make Mother Nature STOP snowing so we didn't have add shovelling to our list, life would be perfect, right??

The Pedersons said...

Well, the one thing I don't need is a maid... Dion has this whole week of work and he is the BEST cleaner any wife could ask for. I am truly blessed in that department. And, he doesn't even need to have time off to clean; it's all very natural to him. Just another reason why every day is Valentine's Day at our house...