Saturday, February 09, 2008

Excitement overtook him

The day seemed to drag today for Bug as he anxiously awaited game time but finally it was time to go. He has been very excited about this hockey game and has all ready enjoyed the other part of his prize as I read him "Brady, Brady and the Super Skater" just last night.
He only made it half way through the 2nd period and got kind of bored but on the way out he saw one of his Raider "friends" from Reading with the Raiders who was sitting out of the game as he is hurt. Bug was thrilled when the Raider recognized him (this is the one Bug told he wasn't afraid of nothin'). Bug and Dad stopped by to see me at BPs but it was so very busy there tonight there wasn't a place to sit but it sure was nice to see Bug's eyes light up when he saw me and how he gave me that sweet little wave.
BigB said Bug fell asleep before they even got home but he sure was happy as he fell asleep.

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