Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Boys are funny

Tonight as I was bathing Jellybean and Bug, Bug asked if he could use his dad's body wash (Red Zone or something like that) because he wanted to smell like a boy. I figured that would be ok so, he smells like a boy. He and Jellybean were just cleaning up the "splash" mess all over the bathroom floor when Jellybean says to him, "you smell like a boy."

"No I don't! I smell like a MA_AN!"

As he said that he must have slipped on the wet floor because I heard a slight thud followed by a deep (for a 4 year old) boy's voice say, "Ah, that might have hurt."

Sometimes I laugh at the things I over hear my children saying and I just have to write them down so I don't forget...you never know when you get an opportunity to tell a funny story.

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