Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He thinks he's gonna knock us down huh?

Well, that old Prince of Darkness really tried to get to us this morning but I've got news for him; it never worked. BigB and I got up and got ourselves ready for work this morning. He called down to get Rush, who hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days, as she needed to be upstairs; Bug and Jellybean were up and she was babysitting today.

She climbed up the stairs looking like death warmed over but that isn't uncommon for her first thing in the morning especially when she is sick. BigB & I started our vehicles and Rush looked at the note that I had written of things I wanted her and the kids to do today. In a small voice she said, "I feel like I'm going to pass out." And no sooner was it said than it was done and she was on the floor and rigid. When she came to, we slowly sat her up and asked all those 'who are you' questions; Bill helped her to her feet and bam, it happened again but this time she started to convulse, her face was whiter than I have ever seen anyone look, her eyes rolled back into her head and after the 5-10 seconds of convulsing her body went completely rigid.

Between faints, I was on the phone with my boss to let her know I wouldn't be at work so she caught all the comotion of the second including my hanging up in her ear to call 911. I managed to stay on the phone with 911, keep Jellybean and Bug in his room, wrangle the cat into our room so that she wouldn't get in the paramedics' way and managed not to get tied up in the cord as I was using the wall phone.

BigB did a lot of stuff that I didn't realize he had time to do in the time frame it was done; he prayed for Rush, called my dad, called the church, called Wayne, called Charmayne to come get the younger 2 kids. I went with Rush in the ambulance and BigB followed behind and somehow he called another heap load of family members.

We were at the Emergency Room for 2 or 3 hours. They figure that she has a weird flu strain and that she got really dehydrated and that is what caused her fainting and convulsions. An IV and some blood work later, she is at home with me for the next couple of days and I am pumping the fluids into her like you wouldn't believe.

I have got the kids back with me now; we are all fed and watered, dishes are pretty much done. I have helped Bug heal a finger he bit terribly hard whilst eating and healed Jellybean's hurt feelings when Bug measured her head and told her that her head was 70, 89.

This all before 1 P.M. I am curious to see what the rest of the day holds for us. I am just glad to say that we have managed to lean on God during our difficulties this morning and our "trivial" injuries after that.

It all reminds me of that song I used to hear in the bar all the time..."I get knocked down but I get up again. You're never gonna keep me down..."
Maybe he is able to knock us down once in a while but but we bounce back ready, willing and able to hit back, twice as hard!

Editted to add:

Do you know where the poor girl had to hit her face when she fainted the initial time? Do you seriously think this is fair? The one bruise is finally completely gone and ...she hit her face on my water bottle causing a much smaller bruise right on this same spot

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Louise said...

Praying for you and your family.. Good that you Keep the faith... Prayer will get you through. God is good.