Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bug's big adventure

It hasn't happened yet and I'm not even sure if he knows about it yet or not but, Bug won two tickets to the Raider game on Saturday. It will be his first time getting to see a hockey game other than on tv. He will be going with his daddy and they will have a really good time. I don't know who they're playing (Joanne, I know you will know.) but I know there will be anticipation, excitement and astonishment. I just hope that the boys play a good game so he can see up close and personal what it's like. Are you allowed to take cameras to the games?


Joanne said...

Edmonton Oil Kings (Funny)

The Pedersons said...

Yay!! His first live hockey game!! Kaden went to an Edmonton Oilers game when he was 3 weeks old (of course he remembers nothing and slept through most :) I'm sure he'll love it!! There's something about boys and hockey! If nothing else, he'll like the Zambonie!!
If he does enjoy it, Mintos are cheaper and often have Sunday afternoon games... send the boys to the game and the girls go for coffee???

Love Mom said...

Sounds good Paula but I don't know if we are out of church early enough to get to a game on a Sunday afternoon. when do they start?