Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Beginnings in 2008!

What a week this has been!! What a year actually. Things have changed for us so much in the past 11 days and it has all been in a good way! I feel excited for 2008!

Here are some of the updates:

BigB is officially going to Bible College. He still has his job but will be at school during the evenings.

Rush got permission to finally begin the Bible Study she has been seeking at her school. She was met with great opposition at first and was told flat out no. She stuck with it and things are just falling into place.

She also has a part time job...a paper route. It's not a large paper route but a good enough size to get a decent pay cheque for a 14 year old.

I got my application for school sent in and the deadline for that is Jan 15. I was very stressed out about it, even called my husband a jerk for no reason, but I prayed as I dropped that envelope in the mailbox. It is no longer in my hands; it is in God's and, if it is not for this year,
there is always next.

Our T.V. has gotten quite a rest the last 11 days. In fact, it has barely been turned on. We have been spending our time playing board games as a family or downstairs singing.

The changes I have seen in our family in the last 11 days has astonished me! It also excites me!

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