Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"IT" has hit our house

Oh yes, it really, really has. The flu is here and with a vengence. BigB & I both got our Flu shots this year and so I was hoping to be spared of this gross, degrading virus.

Rush and Jellybean got it bad but seemed ok as they went off to bed tonight. Bug never really got too bad; in fact, instead of sleeping as he should be, he is currently in bed singing "The ABC's" at the top of his lungs. BigB seems ok just under the weather. I have slept 90% of today and still feel as though I have gotten no sleep at all.

It is difficult to get nutrients in us. I did not want to break my fruit & veggie fast; today is the last day! I did wind up breaking it for a piece of toast this afternoon to try to settle my stomach. I was certain I would be going to work tomorrow but now I really don't know. I guess only morning will tell.

So, off I go to bed with hopes and dreams of a virus free morning.

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Louise said...

oh that darned flu!!! One lady around here was complaining that she was so busy at both ends she didn't have time to eat even if she wanted to... Went to hospital and was told there was nothing they could give her... a virus has to run its course... She said," I think it has burned its way through."
I've had the "runs" part of the flu since first part of December... goes away for a couple days and sneaks up and attacks when you least expect it...like in line at a grocery store. LOL
The BRAT diet seems to work...bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Oh and for the runs... peel and eat a raw potato... it really works.
Cousin Louise