Sunday, January 06, 2008

He shoots, He...falls down again

The last day that Tuff and Baby K were here with us we all went skating. I say we all but I really mean everyone but me. I have been more of an observer these days when it comes to activities that could hurt my shoulder now that it is starting to heal. I am the official photographer.

Jellybean spent more time on her butt and belly than anything but she kept getting up and trying again. She's quite a trooper that one. Bug did pretty good. He actually went out on his own with no help from anyone this time around. Unfortunately he slipped, caught a fair bit of air and landed right on the back of his head; luckily, he did have his helmet on. It took him for enough of a loop though that it took him quite a while to decide to get back on the ice again.

We had a good time on the ice even with all the bumps and bruises and bruised egos and went to go home for hot chocolate. We decided to see if Grandma and Pa had hot chocolate so we could visit with them and ended up ordering a couple pizzas for supper before we left. All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon. Which proved to be a bit much for Miss Rush as the last picture will prove.

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