Sunday, January 06, 2008

Is there a doctor at the hill?

Or more appropriately Bowling for Dummies.

Yesterday I took Jellybean and Bug sliding at Little Red where we were joined by my brother, his 2 boys and 3 of their friends. To say we were the hill bullies is an understatement. To say we were causing havoc and carnage is also an understatement. It wasn't our fault though! They were ALWAYS accidents.

When the kids & I first got there and were waiting for the others Bug and his co-pilot went flying down the hill and got turned around zooming backwards without being able to see where they were going. A last minute warning was yelled out but, alas, it was in vain, and they were bowling for families. The dad got out of the way, barely, but the mom and daughter wound up on top of the slide and its riders. Mom & child were mad; Dad thought it was funny.

Arrive the rest of our crew. S went down the hill with Jellybean and another girl and they, again, caught great speed. At the bottom of the hill, they hit a kid; I heard the pop from the top where I stood holding slides for kids to get on. I was on the phone with BigB, screaming "Oh no! Oh no!". I watched this kid as he flew up in the air and watched as my brother caught him. He just reached up and caught him and in the panic of the moment and the worry if he was ok, that looked funny-S catching him.

Dr Ramji, our local pediatrician was there sliding with his family and I looked around for him but the kid seemed to be ok. He had just been recovering from a nosebleed and S and the kids gave him a really good one. No one from our crew got hurt...S got covered in the kids blood.

Bug went down the hill on a little one person slide. I watched him as he zoomed downt he hill and I heard another pop followed by howls like I have never imagined. I ran down the hill as fast as I could until it felt like I would lose my footing and I didn't feel like tumbling down the hill with a buggered shoulder so I scooted the rest of the way on my butt to find Bug standing looking at a 9 year old boy as he howled at the top of his lungs. He thought his leg was broken; for a minute I thought his leg was broken. His leg is NOT broken.

Bug wanted to make sure he was ok so he followed him and his mom to see. He also thought they were going to call the police on him. No police were called.

Throughout the rest of our time at the hill we hit a total of 8 people, one incident involving 2 of our own kids...The only real injuries though were of those 2 kids.

All the injuries yesterday could have been prevented had people been using their noodles and watching for people at the hill sliding instead of just standing at the bottom of the hill in a daze foolishly thinking they were safe.

Who is with my brother and I in going together and getting a Cast Clinic and X-ray booth at the bottom of the hill? It could prove a worthy investment especially when the "cousins" get together!


Louise said...

Omg that looks like fun!! and I cannot believe you actually have SUNSHINE. I don't think we had more than 2 days sunshine all holidays.
Nice to see that families DO still get out and have fun together... where was the hill located??
Your Jealous Cousin from Alberta,

Love Mom said...

That's just 5 minutes outside of town here. It was a lot of fun. The weather actually hasn't been too bad so far this year.