Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where did I leave my freaking walker?

That's right! I am starting to feel like I must be old, even though I don't FEEL old. This summer we married off daughter #2, granted she is not biologically mine but something makes you feel a smidge old knowing that two of your children are married. Daughter #3, my first biological child, is downstairs preparing, physically and emotionally, for her first day of high school. (Should you still be classified as old when you can still remember YOUR first day of high school?) The baby, yes, the baby, is going to start school this year. Bug is anxiously awaiting his first day of Pre-K and we have a home visit interview with his new teacher on Sept 5.

Now, it's not just the kid thing that has made me feel like I should be feeling old. The other day my husband, now I need you help to tell me if I hug him or slap him, told me that he is proud of me for going back to school for no other reason than because I want to, not becuase I have no choice...AND AT MY AGE!

I guess I need to add Bengayand Depends to my grocery list now (according to him). The only other question this leaves me with is this, if I am so old, how old does that make the husband?

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