Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Everyone survived the first day of school. Rush made it through highschool without incident and without getting lost, something that was one of her fears. She also rekindled friendships from when we first moved here and she was going to a different school and she is pumped about that. Right now her only fear is that she and her two best friends will drift apart since they don't have classes together at all and she heard that all last year, how best friends didn't even talk to each other after a while at high school.
Jellybean's first day was just as good. She was looking fabulous, darling, with her new hairdo and just waiting for Hunter to see her. There are 2 grade 2 classes and she lucked out; she and Hunter are still in the same class, much to their relief.

Bug got to spend today with Pa and how much cooler could that be? Other than him obviously getting to go to school but that happens around the middle of September with Pre-K going full swing Sept 24. A friend of ours is the teacher's helper so he is happy as are we to know that she will be there.

I survived Rush's first day of high school with minimal damage. I didn't cry at all this year but I won't say that it won't happen as Bug still has his first day and I am pretty sure the waterworks will fall that day. No, I did think of Rush often though, wondering if she was finding her way around and all the things that worried her to a frenzy.

Pictures of the big day...

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