Saturday, August 11, 2007

We're having a wedding.

It's seems such a short time ago that P.B and J got engaged. It's been a year. Has it been that long? Seriously, people? Have we really had a year to prepare, emotionally and physically, for this wedding?

The bridesmaids are all here and their dresses are ready. The groomsmen are all all here, including the one from Missouri and the tuxes all fit. The flowergirl has her dress, her basket of flower petals, her hair appointment and her shoes but she is still missing all her front teeth. The ringbearer has his tux complete with too big shirt with rolled up sleeves, his shoes, his pillow, the rings and a complete lack of desire to go to this wedding because he knows this means his sister will be leaving us and if he doesn't go, she can't.

The bride has her dress, her flowers (now, the florist made a mistake and they didn't get here until 4), her veil, her hair appointment and a complete set of bridal nerves. Same said for groom only he couldn't find a dress to look good on him.

The reception area is decorated, going to be cramped (I mean cozy) and looks pretty nice. The backdrops have been framed, clothed, lit and set into the first of two locations. The cake made the trip despite the roads and is awaiting decorating and placement on its perch. The rehearsal is complete and I think we are all feeling confident about it given we got the music and the sound system figured out and the dvd presentation was up and running as of last night. The moms had their cry over said dvd presentation and will probably have another one today.

Oh yeah, most importantly, the box of tissue has been strategically placed under our chairs in the front row. So if you are about to be a guest at said wedding, back off and get your own Kleenex!!!

Almost Mr and Mrs...

Once they got that first push to go up the aisle from Dad, these two did pretty good.

Big brother making up for some lost torture time; I mean quality time!

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