Tuesday, June 05, 2007

That would be time served

Jellybean experienced and just finished her first grounding ever; I mean, she has gotten into trouble before but she has never been grounded before...until yesterday.

I got a call from Rush at the school asking me if I had picked Jellybean up from school because she can't find her. I think my heart fell to my toes and panic began to choke the life right out of me. I fought to stay in control of my thinking and asked Rush a bunch of questions. As I was right about to lose every ounce of control I did have and while asking Rush to go to the school secretary to see if she could get the address of Jellybean's friend's house (someone saw her walking with this friend) , the door opened and in walked Jellybean, proud as punch that she had walked home by herself.

I reassured Rush that Jellybean was safe and that she could just come home and tried to decide whether I needed to laugh or cry or spank or hug Jellybean. In the end, after regaining my composure, we had another long talk about strangers and people you know a little bit, the dangers of not letting people know where you are going and that I understood why she would want to walk by herself and feel grown up. I then hugged her as tight as I could without popping her little head off and burst into tears. This was followed by a calm, "You do realize that you are grounded, right?"

After explaining exactly what being grounded meant and what she could and could not do, I made darn sure she recited to me why she was grounded because I wanted to make sure that she won't do that again.

So, today marks time served for Jellybean's first "sentence", a lot earlier than any of the other kids. This one could be trouble guys...
...wink, wink.

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