Saturday, June 02, 2007


Tonight was the first big show and tomorrow is the last; Jellybean was "Almost Famous" as the studio likes to say. For one weekend she is famous and all the kids that go to the dance studio are stars right along with her, 2 different showcases, 2 showings each for this weekend and each show is a sellout.

Every year my favorite part, aside from seeing my children perform, is the Grand Finale where all the kids come out to take their final bows while the theme song from "Fame" is playing. It is heart pounding, foot stomping, hand clapping good fun and it always brings tears to my eyes and my heart swells with pride-another year full of hard work, blistered toes and loads of fun has come to its conclusion for these kids.

This is Jellybean's last year of dance for a while; she is taking violin lessons, from Dixie (if she still feels up to that challenge).
Anyway, I thought I would throw on a few pictures from the recital. The photos of kids dancing are from dress rehearsal since they don't let you take pictures at the recital but...I DID take pictures of them at the grand finale tonight.

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