Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A is for applesauce

I left Rush at the hospital last night with her happily eating a bowl of applesauce and some arrowroot cookies. She hadn't eaten anything subtantial since Monday at lunch time so this was very welcome and she mentioned to me how 'that is really good tasting applesauce; you should really try some of it mom.'

Her procedure yesterday involved a laproscopy and she did not need her appendix removed. The problem causing the pain has been rectified and once she is healed from the surgery should be fine.

Before her surgery she was given a book to read, keep in mind she is on the children's ward. She was bored so willingly read her riveting book, "Peter Panda Has an Operation" and snuggled with the soft teddybear she was given upon returning to her room prior to the surgery.

I do not know yet if she is going to be coming home today or not but I guess all will be made known soon enough. Jellybean and Bug really miss their sister and want her home. However they also want to be able to see her in her hospital room again and get another ride on her really cool bed!


Dixie said...

Wow, that's quite the couple of days! I hope she's doing better. Give Cherish our love, okay?

Joanne said...

We are all praying for her!