Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home sweet home

Rush came home this afternoon. She is stiff and sore but seems to be doing fine. I had to go to work so I left her snuggled on the couch with her cat (who missed her like mad) and visiting with one of her best friends. She got a nice card from her teacher and classmates and we think the Abramyk's brought her some flowers but Jellybean answered the door and told us that it was a dad who is not quite a dad yet with glasses...was that you guys? The flowers were gorgeous by the way and Rush really loved them and the mug they are in so thank you so much for that beautiful gesture.

She is not to go to school for the rest of the week and we will see how she is doing Monday before we send her (according to her discharge papers); she also has to see our family doctor next Wednesday for a post-op. He, however is on holidays until the end of June. I tried to make an appointment with our "stand-by" doctor (for times such as these) and he is on holidays with our doctor and his wife!!! Shouldn't there be a policy against that? Doctors and "just-in-case" doctors leaving at the same time....GRIN!!!!

Anyway, my baby is home and she is doing fine. All your well wishes and attempts to see her(even though her nurse didn't know she was in surgery when you got there) are so appreciated...
We are lucky to have friends and family like you all!

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Joanne said...

So glad to hear that she is doing better, and that is hilarious about the flowers.
It was David, he did it all on his own. He thought that they looked bright and cheery. He told me about it after I got home from work, and I asked him if he signed the card. He said no, but that your daughter knew who he was so she would let you know.
Goofy guy! Just wanted to let you know!
We will continue to pray for speedy healing!