Monday, June 25, 2007

Academic delights

Today was the awards ceremony at the girls' school. Rush was awarded with an honor roll certificate and medal as well as the citizenship award and Jellybean got a reading award for most improved reader.

I was informed of what my grades are going into my finals...I grin with sheer delight as I announce my math mark to date is 98% and my biology mark to date is 95%. This coming from the girl who graduated in '92 with a 17% in math and a 57% in biology and who was claiming she would be happy just to get 75% this time around. I just may have to have that math party after all...


The Pedersons said...

With a 98% in Math, you need a Math Party! Ummm, what exactly do you do at a Math Party anyway???

Love Mom said...

I don't know...I've never been to one before. You must have to calculate something...GRIN!!! I think we just sit around in awe at the fact that I did it!!!!!

I never thought I would see this day...EVER!!!!!