Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today I found myself sitting on the exam table at the doctor's office in nothing but a pale blue paper gown, my grey striped socks and my earrings, waiting for my doctor to enter the cold room to begin my exam. I seemed to sit there for an eternity but, according to the lying hands of the clock, it was only about 5 minutes. As he walked into the room he offered a friendly, doctorly smile and asked me how I was feeling. "Vulnerable", I replied.

What leaves you feeling the most vulnerable? Is it the wait or the next step where you are in said paper gown with your feet precariously placed in those great stirrups?

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Cheyne said...

I used to feel like that, and told myself it was normal and something that just has to be 'got over', like a dose of horrible medicine. The one day I thought - if I don't feel comfortable with this then I shouldn't subject myself to it. Now I simply don't let a male doctor ever examine me.