Saturday, March 24, 2007

A baby story...

This morning Jellybean and I drove over to Petland to get some gravel to make a "nursery" for our mother shrimp (now known as Sally). As we were driving the van was just driving "weird"; I thought a belt was going and we limped to the parking lot. I pulled the hood release because I was certain of it but never got to open the hood. As I was getting out of the van, I had this strong feeling to walk to the passenger side and check out the tires...cue dark and creepy music.
The front passenger side was flat and by that I mean pancake and by that I mean I was probably driving on just rim for about a block or so.

We got that taken care of; spent the rest of our day doing our normal Saturday things: swimming lessons, family swim and, then, creating our Sally's nursery. A litle foresight on our part had BigB and I decide to put her in our room so that the tank wasn't jostled a lot and so it would be just a smidge quieter.

There was a Country Gospel night at our church; Tuff, Bug, BigB & I went to that. Apparently country music is "lame" when you are a 14 year old girl and this means it is also lame to your 2 younger sisters.

Approximately a half hour ago we got home and I went to the room to get into my jammies, looked at the tank and noticed that dear Sally is in Stage One of shrimp labour. I am certain by bedtime we will be in the Transitional Phase and BigB & I will be up all night listening to shrimp swears and screams. Perhaps by morning we will have a tank full of shrimp fry who will be in need of my care and rescue since we will have to remove mama right away as she is proned to eat them. (Could that be revenge?)

And so our birthing saga continues...more on the rest of this story as it unfolds.

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