Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The planning picks up again

As some of you are aware J's wedding dress was bought and delivered awhile ago. They are now in the process of trying to find bridesmaids dresses; the bad thing is they found one and tried ordering it but the website failed to tell them that it was permanently out of stock.

Tonight they are going to look at tuxes. P.B.'s will be free as there will be 5 other rentals (3 groomsmen, 1 ringbearer and at least 1 dad, hers). We just need to figure out how much Bug's tux will be including vest and shoes and how much BigB's will be.

We found a flowergirl dress that is fairly close to J's, detail wise anyway. It is in The States so we will have to get that ordered pretty quickly. That way we will have more looking time if they decide that they don't have that dress any more and to have time for alterations etc.

J and I sat down today to figure out what kind of food we are going to want and who can make what and all that fun stuff. We will have to wait to see how many people are going to be able to attend to see what quantities we will need. If everyone shows up, we are looking at about 200 people, rounding up. This led us to the discussion of room and tables for the supper. We tried to go see the church today and it's reception area but the pastor is going to be away until next week. That task was added to next week's to-do list. We need to see what kind of room we have downstairs, how many tables they have, how we can arrange things to fit everyone, what we will need for decorations and candles.

We hace found Rush's dress fro her grade 8 grad and doubled as her dress for P.B. and J's wedding.

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