Friday, March 23, 2007

Ghosts are running amuck in my house

No word of a lie, there are really ghosts at the center of everyone's attention today. We purchased 3 little ghosts today. Yes, ghosts. You can learn more about our little ghosts here.
The one thing we didn't realize when we got them is that one, for sure, is female and that one is, for sure, pregnant. You can see 15-20 little eggs and the kids have all ready noticed and realized what the scoop is.

This means separating mama shrimp from the rest, including our cannibal pink tetra. We still have the little fish nursery we had when the molly had her babies so I guess we can give it a shot to see if that will work. If it doesn't, we aren't really out anything. We will have 5 very disappointed kids though.

Note to self: Remember to ask associate at pet store to ensure we are not getting pregnant "pets" as this really adds to my work load. Case in point, staying up until 4 AM scooping mollies out of the tank and into nursery. However it is a cool experience and if the kids get to see it...educational.

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