Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Jig is Up

This time I can not lie; this time I mustn't lie. Strawberry Shortcake the Replacement 2 has met his untimely demise. I know; I know. Just like before we have gender confused fish at our house because Jellybean LOVES Strawberry Shortcake.

A few months ago we moved Strawberry Shortcake into the big tank with all the other fish and he flourished. He flourished, that is, until last week when the other fish decided that his time was drawing near and felt it was their duty to nibble his tail and fins off little by little. I moved Strawberry Shortcake into his own home as soon as I noticed the activity of these little cannibals but it was too late.

Strawberry Shortcake took his last breath...gulp...Strawberry Shortcake passed away peacefully in his home on Sunday, March 18, 2007 the year of our Lord. His passing will sadden some of us...some more than others and some still will barely notice but he was a great fish, as far as fish go, always considerate of the other fish and always, according to Jellybean, smiling. His presence will be missed especially around 9 pm every night (feeding time).

This time, I can not spare her feelings; this time I must tell her. She must learn that sometimes the people we love and, in this case, the fish we love, don't and can't stay with us forever. She must learn how to mourn it, accept it and move on from it. Death is inevitable. Her first lessons of a death of someone she sees most every day may as well come from the passing of a fish.

So, the jig is most definitely up; there will be no more deception in Strawberry Shortcake land. The replacement is irreplaceable. I do however, figure that this fish had a very good life considering it spanned the lives of 2 fish...can't beat that.

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tanby said...

Poor Strawberry Shoertcake, hope she takes it well. we all love her lots