Monday, February 19, 2007

Certifiably, Friggin' Nuts

In case you think I am talking about anyone else and are completely mortified that I could be possibly talking about someone in such a negative manner, I assure you, I am only talking about the one I know

I was scheduled at BP's tonight and had a 12 hour night scheduled at the hospital so I worked BP's and took a holiday for the hospital shift. I got rid of my BP's shift for tomorrow night and have 3 night shifts, ending Thursday, well, technically Friday morning at 7. Today, one of my managers desperately asked if I could work a lunch shift in the lounge at BP's on Friday as they were in a bind and had no servers due to a couple of up-coming concerts and someone's bridal shower. I said 'yes'! I know I should say 'no"; I think to myself 'say no" and I open my mouth and I hear myself say 'yes'! Yes!!! I will get 4 hours of sleep on Friday morning before going to work again however, Kristin will be telling me to go home if I am in a complete vegetated state ( I am required to know what my name is in order to work-grin) and I will only be there to take care of the lunch rush and I can go back to bed.

Someone, please, please, please teach me how to say that one little word; it would come in so handy. However, if that is impossible get me a straight jacket and gently ease me into it. Please don't make any sudden gestures or loud noises and I will probably be a willing patient.

So far, next week I am not working and I am looking forward to it. I will be practicing that 'no' word and I will exercise my right to use it.


Anonymous said...

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Paula Joy said...

It's funny you posted about saying 'no'. About 1/2 hour ago I borrowed a book from a co-worker about boundaries. It talks about when to say yes and when to say no. Hmmmm... Maybe you should borrow it borrow it when I'm done??!!

Love Mom said...

Perhaps I should...let me know if you think it will help.