Sunday, February 25, 2007

All in a day's work

That should actually read 'night's work' I guess, since I have been working my 12 hour nights this past week but, whatever. It has been quite a week indeed and one that has stressed me out to a point I don't think I have ever been, work related anyway.

Three o'clock in the morning the one day we had a huge fight in the lobby of the hospital; I had to call the cops, mobile crisis came and I got called an "'f'ing' whore". I am so glad I have a sense of humor. My adreneline shot through the roof that night. We have codes and alarms like you wouldn't believe and a maintenance team that wouldn't silence these codes for almost an hour. It is really enough to make you run out the door crying and wanting to never go back.

I was physically harrassed, for lack of a better word at this hour, at work the other day by a co-worker who took it upon herself to tell me I did something wrong with her finger shoved in my face. Incidentally, upon my questioning the powers that be, I had done nothing wrong.

I went to work, after having three days off in the last 3 1/2 weeks, on a workload shift. This is where they will call you in because the work is so behind they need extra help. Keep in mind that I had not seen my kids much since before we went on our trip and these women, the full-time women, are just standing around doing nothing. NOTHING!!! I was so ready to scream at them all.

To top the week off, I ended my stretch of shifts finding the words "white man power" printed on one of our phonebooks. I don't find that kind of behavior acceptable or funny; I, in fact, find it sickening, cruel and heartless and it creates an incredibly stressful environment to try to work in.

Two of my night shifts were rough because I had barely gotten any sleep before hand. My first night I had only gotten about 1 1/2 hours just because my body hadn't adjusted yet but the second was because I was up all morning fighting the little critters that Jellybean had brought home from school. They have been fighting to get rid of them at the school since October so I guess just getting them now is pretty darn good but they couldn't have shown up in our house at a worse time. The situation is under control and I am pleased to say that we have managed to prevent an out-break at our far. I would hate to have to run one of those skinny little combs through my hair.

Lets hope that the stress I "allow" will begin to lessen as I have a few days, so far, without any shifts and I am hoping to spend time snuggling with my kids, relaxing with my husband and perhaps sleeping in or at least sleeping at night. My body still wants to be up right now. yuck!

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tanby said...

wow and i thought my week sucked. all the power to ya sis. try to get some sleep