Monday, February 19, 2007

1st Annual Family Day

The Provincial Government has given us this day as "Family Day" so we decided that we were going to definitely take advantage of it. First thing this morning we headed over to my dad's and visited with him and Judy. Judy had to go to work but we stayed and had a bite to eat for lunch with Dad. After that we decided to go to the bowling alley and asked Dad to come along to watch. He had so much fun watching the kids and teasing us as we were bowling and then he watched us take out our aggressions with 3 games of bumper cars. A word to the wise watch out for Jellybean on those bumper cars; she gets an evil look that frightened us all.

Bowling scores:

Jellybean 95
Bug 85
Rush 101
Jay 114
Me 114
BigB 228

BigB got lucky let me tell you; Pa figures it is because he is BigB's good luck charm.

We had so much fun and I will put up pictures later. I need a rest and it is off to work I go.

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